Laser cutting en engraving

INCAVO is specialized in cutting and engraving sheet material. We use a state of the art CO2 lasermachine. With a laser of 60 Watt, we can make accurate cuts and sharp engravings in many types of materials. Find out more about the materials we can process.

Incavo snijdt en graveert plaatmateriaal en producten. Dit wordt gerealiseerd met een CO2-lasermachine. Met een laserbron van 60 Watt is het mogelijk om zeer nauwkeurig te snijden in acrylaat, hout, karton, textiel en dergelijke. Metalen behoren niet tot onze toepassingsgebied.


INCAVO cuts and engraves with CO2-laser



Find out here which materials we can handle.


"Incavo graveert om uw product stijvol en duurzaam te personaliseren "

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INCAVO is a small company specialised in laser cutting and engraving materials and products.

  • Small quantities possible
  • Short lead time
  • Personal customer service
  • Translating ideas into products

Before we can cut and engrave for you, we need to follow some steps:

  1. Design
    Sometimes the customer has just an idea. We can help to translate this idea into a product that meets the customer needs.
    We will guide the customer through the different options (materials, graphics, cost prices, delivery times) to realise his goal.
  2. File
    The design will be translated in a file. This will contain the graphics and shapes to be processed by the laser machine. If you are familiar with Illustrator, CorelDraw or AutoCAD, you can deliver us this file



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